Peel Apart Mailers

Peel Apart Mailers are mainly used on Impact printers. It has perforation on the sides and contains one or more inserts.

Mailing of personal identification numbers (PIN) for clients and members at financial institutions is a common application of Peel Apart Mailers.

Insert Mailers

Unlike Peel Apart Mailers, Insert Mailers requires no peeling of glued copies. Therefore, the copy containing the information is pulled from the mailer in a good and clean shape

Pressure Seal Mailers

Pressure Seal Mailers can be used on dot matrix printers as well as laser printers. A self contained mail piece personalized, folded, sealed and ready for mailing, maintaining the confidentiality and security.


  • Personal ID Mailers (PIN Mailers)
  • Payment Advice
  • Credit Memo
  • Past Due Notice
  • Invoice
  • Statement
  • Order Acknowledgement
  • Membership Certificate
  • Billing
  • Product Promotion
  • Certificates