Thermal Tickets

Our Thermal tickets both Top coated and Non-top coated stocks are compatible with many direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer printers such a Boca, Zebra, Intermec, Brother, Thales and a wide variety of other manufacturers

Thermal tickets are widely used in different areas including gaming, entertainment and transportation. Different brands and models of specialized thermal ticket printers are used based on print size, volume and the application.

In thermal tickets manufacturing, the following applies with Abulhoul:

  • Specialized in quality thermal tickets manufacturing and printing
  • Committed on printing quality and manufacturing precision
  • Manufacturing thermal tickets with various specifications covering wide area of applications
  • Using the highest quality raw material and latest technology
  • Offering consultation on thermal tickets specifications for required application and printer used
  • The extending list of satisfied clients is our guarantee

ATB Tickets

Automated Ticket / Boarding (ATB) pass is designed for use at airports in automated device for boarding.Boarding pass with magnetic stripe on the reverse & a wallet used for the flight coupon is commonly used by most of the airline companies. It is produced in accordance to IATA standards.

Abulhoul guarantees that all finished products are certainly checked and have quality control approval.


  • Identification Cards
  • Cinema Tickets
  • Sports Events Tickets
  • Conference and Theatrical Tickets
  • Parking Tickets
  • Boarding Pass and Wallets