Established in 1963, Abulhoul Printing Press offered clients with the latest products and services with regards to printing stationery supplies.

By the late 1970’s, Abulhoul Printing Press started manufacturing Continuous Business Forms and emerged as a pioneer in the business forms printing sector.

  • Abulhoul Printing Press are currently manufacturing specialized products such as:
  • Printed thermal and non-thermal paper rolls
  • Products with magnetic stripe such as ATB wallets and tickets
  • Pin mailers, pay envelopes, holograms
  • Variable data, barcodes and many more . . .

Abulhoul Printing Press is continually updating its products and services in order to serve its customers better.

Quality & Commitment

The quality of our product up to its final shape with regards to our customer’s request is our top and main priority, since we know that this will directly impact our client’s work flow and business.

We tend to be very selective in terms of quality standards and reliability when it comes to choosing our suppliers of our raw material and whom we intend to engaged partnership with. Also, our raw material storage facilities are built and equipped to withstand any aggressive climatic conditions prevailing in this region.

Our staff are highly qualified and very specialized in the printing industry. Their skill and knowledge are something that we seek to develop continuously. Those are the ones whom we trust to provide you with the ideal solutions for all your printing needs.

Our quality assurance department makes sure that the delivered product has successfully been tested against our quality checklist for each specific product.